Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!
-Enjoy ur new year eve-

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nissan S15 VARIETTA!!

Hello people! to those who dn know this, presenting Nissan S15 Varietta... S15 convertible (soft/hard top la...ani hard top hehehe.. soft top ada kah? hehehe not really sure..)

This car is in Brunei road yesterday, 29th Dec 2008. Y it is here? coz the owner wanted to do some surveying on rims..rims hunting! and he's planning to go for 20"! WOW!!

This S15 is owned by Malaysian, Miri citizen.. this car is considered rare..not many produced by Nissan Corp.. Anyway, this car is still in stock condition and it is running on NA engine.. Hopefully, u'll see this car again in Brunei road next time.. for now, enjoy the pics!!

Photo taken by: Basz (test camera mbile baru kah? hehehe good shots!)

Kroxz Modifications!!

Monday, 29th Dec 2008...

1st stop SHH ProShop..installing Apex-i Rev-Speed Meter (RSM)

pictures taken from SHH ProShop blog..

2nd stop at Hayashi... Installing Turbosmart Tee-boost controller... wana know how much boost his car has ryt now? tnya owner la hehehe

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yellow S15: KROXZ 7012

Mr. Bangkatan's ride is out with some stage1 modification.. some more is coming in by next week, insyaAllah lau nada apa2 halangan...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Breaking News Update: Greddy TOUCH

Hehehe i found dis pictures from Sing Hiap Hin blog and from trusted source.. seems lyk sm1 has installed new item in his S15 hehehe... ada lg kn dtambah?? go for it!!

Nissan Latio w/ Nismo Bodykit??

U can hv a look at this car at Seri Q-lap Mall

Equiped with Tein spring! WOW!!
Model Nissan Latio
Model yg terlampau hahaha! Jgn marah bro..ok dah posing tu... lau ko pakai mini skirt grenti cBasz nda cari yg lain lg tu LOL

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Try 2 DRIFT!!

btw, dn try..just do it! hahaha

Special Feature hehehe

Org dlm gmbar ani minta special request mnyuruh masukkn gmbarnya lam blog ku ani hehehe.. so ku buatkn 1 special post for him lah.. lau ada yg kn berkenalan, masuk saja lam comment hehehe
Azizi a.k.a GG

Family Dinner @Pizza Hut The Mall

Took some pictures of my cute lil' niece, Suci Ashfariesha.. hehehe

w/ Az1
w/ GG
'' Tapuk lai ''

Org yg migang atu plang terhibur usulnya ah LOL