Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silvia S15s are ALIVE!!

wonder if S15 is alive... AWAKEN...
cuba tah Transformer tu pakai keta jipun... ragat kali eh

for exmaple:


  1. I seriously like this photo!! Very very nice!! Handal sudah ni :D

  2. atu bnar kalau alive, yg kuning ani jadi bumblebee tu eh....hehehe


  3. awu eh..bumblebee bnrrr...
    btw, Mr.Sagee a.k.a Monkey Magic.. ur car will be next featured in my blog after u facelifted/pimped ur car hehehe

    btw, kn jadi photographer lg ku hehehe now starting to find/experimenting some killer shots... any comments on my pictures, u r welcome hehehe