Monday, March 23, 2009

[eX] 's Nissan Silvia S15

Assalamualaikum kepada org yg beragama islam, Haloooooo~ kepada yg bukan hehehe, yg sudi masuk kdalam blog ku yg nda seberapa ani hehehe

After a very long wait, since i got my car n since i created my own blog, finally the car is ready to be displayed hehehe (mcm nda pernah langsung saja). After some modification, this is the end product. As for the exterior, this is it. No more changes that will be done in the future. As for the interior, liat lah lau ada budget hehehe

Together with the pictures, I hv also put in my car specifications/modifications. As u can c, engine keta ku ne biasa2 saja. Jgn tah ku d uyung/dcucuk2 d highway, kalah ku tu yo hehehe *peace* No matter what r ur modifications, asal hajat smpai n u satisfy, dats ok. Nda tah pyh kn ikut2 org or kn ngalah2kn org, coz there r more powerful cars out there. Ikut kemampuan sorg2, nda ja? Jaaaaa~ together-gether tani memajukn hobby tani..

Drive (termasuk TOUGE ne ah hehehe), Drag n Drift (3-D) safe everyone... hv a very nice day n the day after n the day after...smpai bila2 bah...

+ C-West full body-kit (modified)
+ SSR Professor SP1 Gold (Special Order)
+ 18 x 8 (front) and 18 x 10 (rear)
+ Trust lug nuts
+ JDM LED taillights

+ HKS SPF air filter
+ Apex GT intercooler
+ Ultra Racing engine damper
+ Greddy oil catch tank
+ HKS exhaust downpipe
+ Trust free flow c. converter
+ Kakimoto GT1.0Z Racing

+ Tein super street coilovers
+ Apex’i front strut bar
+ Carbing rear strut bar

+ Project Mu rotor disks
+ Project Mu brake pads

+ Apex’i Rev-Speed Meter
+ Apex’i AVC-R electronic boost controller
+ Apexera AFC Neo
+ Toser boost meter

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